willkommen. bienvenue. welcome.

Travel.  Design.  Baseball.  Food.  Musicals.  Maybe a touch of feminism.  All the coffee.  These are a few of my favorite things you’ll find musings on here.  After a previous foray into the world of DIY blogging a few years ago followed by a long hiatus due to the old 9-5, I’ve picked back up my pen (keyboard?) and am giving writing another go.  I’ve found that I love to write and was just a little too constrained by Twitter’s 140 character limit or Instagram’s endless hashtags.

For those that are new, my name is Mallory.  I’m an East Coast girl at heart but have been surviving in Los Angeles for 9 years (on tacos) while working in the entertainment industry.  I’m a stubborn ginger who loves to travel, bargain hunt for antiques or spend an afternoon at Fenway Park.  I recently married a man with a far superior shoe closet; he’s constantly on a quest to up my kicks game.  He’s a city boy, I’m a country girl but somehow we manage.

My job and life have helped me stamp my passport more than few times over the last year and I can’t wait to share some of the incredible places I’ve gone.  In the little spare time I do manage to squeeze out of the day, I’m usually found online bargain hunting for new home decor.  And as a former theater major, I’ve never met a play or musical I don’t like (although I have defintiely found one with a few too many strobe lights and some seriously butchered iambic pentameter).  So grab a glass a pinot, pull up a chair and check out what I’ve got to share.


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